Tips: Mulching in St. Louis

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TIPS: Why Do Mulching St. Louis?

Mulching around trees

Stay 6″ away from base of tree when mulching around trees.

  • Proper mulching conserves soil moisture
  • Mulch helps with weed control
  • Quality mulch can add to soil fertility
  • Mulch  provides insulation against extremes hot/cold temperature
  • Professional mulched home or business makes visitors feel better.

Please call us at 314-550-4844 so we can answer your St. Louis mulching needs and give you a free estimate!

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Avoid St. Louis winter firewood shortage…

St. Louis Firewood Shortage?

Don’t get caught without firewood this winter in St. Louis, see

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Best St. Louis Firewood

Welcome to Tarrillion’s Firewood and Mulch Delivery! Before a severe winter winter sit’s in, get your firewood. Hurry while supplies last.

Happy Winter

Tarrillion's best firewood and mulch delivery

Free firewood delivery to greater St. Louis, MO area.


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